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Activities & Projects


Being part of a community is crucial for me.

It helps me to tackle projects, generate ideas and contextualize myself. Most importantly, it fuels my motivation and brings me into contact with people.

The unique relationships that are created through shared experiences and projects are dear to my heart. They are fundamental for all of the activities mentioned below.


fostering dialogue

Reatch is an association which allows me to promote values with respect to research, society and politics and test them on their practicability. Until summer 2023, I led the Pizza, Philosophy & Science event series as well as Scimpact, a trainig program in science communication for young motivated people from any background. Currently, my focus is on strategic development of Scimpact and our community as well as linking different activites inside Reatch.

Forest Suspensionn Bridge


moving step-by-step

What I like about Crossfit is the variety, complexity and comprehensiveness of the movements involved. It allows me to get into a flow and focus on the moment. My favorite movements include pull-ups, overhead squats and rowing. Even if the palms and the soreness sometimes hurt , I can hardly wait to see the new training program for the week. Condensed in one sentence, I would say the essence of Crossfit is tackling the next set or rep.


playing with words

I am fascinated by languages and according script systems different from my native tongue German. They address not only creative and logical reasoning but also emotional, social, historic and political dimensions. Trying foreign-language letterings feels like diving into a different world.

Hand Writing
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